Become a delivery person on the Cardboard Island. Chat with your friends and neighbors, explore and play minigames, deliver strange boxes and fight through the nightmares where your island is being destroyed by demons. Are you ready to solve the Mystery?

The Mystery of the Cardboard Island is a cozy game about two genres colliding. By day, you deliver boxes to your neighbors and friends on the island. All is good, calm, but there is something strange going on at the center of it all. But then, by night, your nightmares show the island being burned down by horrible demons: and only you can stop this!

The Day: A peaceful Island
Explore a contained open world while delivering boxes, doing minigames, chatting with the locals and simply walking around! During the day you’ll be able to do things at your own pace. Customize your house and your own look, repeat minigames to beat the locals or even the dev ranking…

Deliveries on the island are always a bit special. Chase a legged box around, calculate the best path to deliver pizza boxes before they get cold and more!

The Night: Going up in flames
You keep having these horrible nightmares. In them, monsters are burning your island. You’ll need to go around and rescue your friends, fight and destroy little monsters to eventually find the higher demon and fight them in a cinematic puzzle fight!

The Mistery
Something is going on here. Something noone seems to notice, except you. Why are you having these nightmares? Why do they all show the same night, mere days into the future? During both day and night you’ll need to explore, find hidden secrets and chat with the locals to try and discover what is really happening in the island.

A Cardboard aesthetic
All the art in the game is made from (digital) cardboard! We wanted to push this artstyle as far as possible. Houses open up when you enter them, the characters can enter inside one of their own boxes to rest, some animals are made of origami… Come and enjoy this cozy cardboard world.

Customize it!
Want to change how you look? You’ll be unlocking all kinds of customization options to change your appearance. You just need to visit the craft aesthetician. But that’s not all! As a resident of the Cardboard Island you have a house on it, and you’ll be able to furnish it as you’d like!


  • Complete delivery missions and do silly errands for the inhabitants of the island
  • Explore the island and get to know the locals to discover all the cute, strange or worrying secrets
  • Fight angry demons and protect your island from utter destruction
  • Customize your look and even your own house with the items you unlock
  • Solve the Mystery hidden within the Island

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About us

We are the indie video game dev team behind DE – EXIT and EMMA: Lost in Memories.

We are a small team of  6 people and we had to adapt to all roles and work needed in game design. After more than 7 years of working intensely, we are taking our place in the game industry and want to make our mark.

We create games that combine entertainment with a message that accompanies the player for years to come. We want to create fun games that bring something more to the table.

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